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Websites that work for you, affordably 

Give your business a boost with a beautifully designed website in WordPress, the world’s favorite web design and management software, from

A well designed and easy to navigate website will increase interest in your business or organisation. It’s that simple. Your website is the heart of your online presence. It should work as your 24 hour 7 days a week ambassador, highlighting what you do, where you are, increasing sales, work or participation both online and in the real world.

Well written content is what makes any website. I provide a total service including copywriting, graphic design, photography, audio and video materials.

More people are accessing the internet using smartphones or tablets than ever before and the trend is increasing. Websites that look good and function perfectly on a phone, tablet and computer are no longer an added extra. Responsive design that alters appropriately for the size of device being used is now essential.

How well your site performs influences what people think of your business or organisation. A reliable, fast site makes for an enjoyable online experience. And that ensures your site is doing the job you need it to do. managed UK hosting keeps your website working, always.

I build search engine optimisation into your site making it easy for Google to recognise your content. With Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics you see at a glance the searches being used to reach your site and how it performs in search results.

eCommerce sounds daunting, but selling online is simple and quick with A beautifully designed and easy to use online shop showcasing your products starts the journey. helps set up your payment facilities in PayPal, SagePay or your choice of payment gateways. When orders are placed and payment taken you’ll receive order details by email. Your site lets you track each order and see detailed sales reports.

Online marketing is a quick and low cost way for you to let your customers and contacts know about your special offers, new products or services, events or campaigns. Invite your website visitors to sign up and addresses will be automatically imported to your online marketing tools. All ready for your marketing campaign, event invitation or newsletter.

I use the world’s most popular web design, build and content management software making it easy for you to add and change the content on your site as little or often as you like. With the support package that software is kept up to date and secure. And when you need a design tweak, with’s support package, you know it’ll be done quickly with no surprise charges.

Ensure your business or organisation is instantly recognisable by using or developing your house style. I produce print ready artwork for your business stationery or promotional material, all completely in-tune with your website. Include when you get quotes for print materials and you’ll be very pleasantly surprised.

A daily backup of your site means you are doubly safe. Should anything untoward happen to your site, getting it back online is quick and easy.

Video and sound clips help engage your site visitors keeping them interested in your business or organisation. helps you make your YouTube short film or record your audio messages for visitors building them seamlessly into your website.