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Vlad the foster dog

About cookiewp

I’ve been publishing on the web since 1994, either for community and voluntary organisations or as myself, well before Facebook was a twinkle. I kind of left it all behind when I felt overwhelmed by a fab bit of software called Dreamweaver. I was out of my depth and thought it best to leave it to the more technically minded. I continued publishing little bits and bobs using a variety of applications.

First steps in WordPress

Then, a brilliant neighbour of mine, Will Perrin, set up our local community website using WordPress. He founded the wonderful to encourage more people to set up community websites using WordPress. I asked if I could get the free training talkaboutlocal provide so that I could improve the website for the charity I’d founded, Talkaboutlocal’s WordPress trainer Mike Rawlins was brilliant (Mike now runs TurriffWeb). He worked with me on all the things I wanted to concentrate on, leaving me to develop an in depth knowledge.

I continued working on kxcommunity’s website whilst starting a few other WordPress sites for friends and community organisations. Then a friend asked me if I could do a website for his Spanish villa that he’s turning into a beautiful retreat – And after that things took off.

WordPress is now the world’s most popular platform for website design and content management. Little did I know then what concentrating on working in WordPress would mean.

My small business

I’d been out of work due to ill health for a long time and money was really tight. The voluntary work I do takes a great deal of time and I needed a way to make some money to fund it. So, at the beginning of 2012 I started in earnest offering a new service for small businesses and anyone else wanting a website they didn’t feel overwhelmed by.

Since then I’ve worked with a number of businesses, helping them to brief me on what they want, setting everything up for them and metaphorically holding their hands until they feel confident enough to take complete control. I’m always there in the background should they need any help or perhaps a new piece of artwork designed or even a YouTube short added.

I’ve recently teamed up with SiteGround, a really excellent web hosting company so that I can provide a truly complete service.

Filling the gap

I hope I fill the gap for people who want a really professional website but feel all at sea when it comes to getting it done. I’m not an expensive option and coming from a community development background I adore empowering people to do something new, something they really want to achieve but don’t have the time, inclination or confidence yet.

Briefing a full blown web designer is daunting. It’s a whole new world, a technical language that can be difficult. I’m a human being, I won’t talk techie and I’ll enjoy working on your site because it’s something we’ll develop together. If you never want to take complete control of your site but would like to blog a bit, put up some news from time to time we can do that too. I can manage the static elements of the site and set it up so it’s easy for you to add the bits you want.


The picture at the top is my first foster dog. I fostered dogs for The Mayhew Animal Rescue and since Vlad have also sent Tilly, Molly, Munster and Dexter happily on their way to permanent homes and said very sad final goodbyes to Buster and Luca. In 2014 I adopted the lovely Daisy,  pictured here at Barnard Park near King’s Cross.

Daisy, the dog I hope to adopt from Rescue Remedies